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ComingSoon (மேதகு-2)

Release Date: Coming soon

Crew & Cast: Directed by: Yoagandran | Music: Praveen | Cinematographer: Vinoth Rajendren | Editor: Aditya Muthamizhmaran (Kuviyam studioz) | Art: Inba Dinesh | Stunt: Jaguar Thangam, Vijay Jaguar | Costume designer: Munish | Lyrics: Thiru Thirukumaran, Yeran Siva | Direction team: Kabil, Prabhakaran, Munish, Santhosh, Kavimozhi, Valli Viswanath, Vasu Nakkeeran, Farooq Abdullah | Production team: Thamizhan Sathish, Thamizhan Murugan, Thanga Prabhakaran | Production heads: Gugan Kumar, Thirukumaran, Sumesh Kumar | Story & Written by: METHAGU Thiraikkalam Produced by: METHAGU Thiraikkalam on behalf of world Tamils | Cast: Gowri Shankar, Arul Ram, Yoagandran,

Genre: Biopic

Synopsis: Methagu- II, which is a continuance of Methagu-I, is categorically a political feature movie spanning over twelve years of history during which Eelam Tamils’ lives got radical change from being subjected to ethnic subjugation to getting mobilized towards the freedom struggle spearheaded by honorable V. Prabaharan. Political climate which was in need of armed struggle, holocaust of Tamils, genocide of Tamils in all aspects, up-growth of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam from being a guerrilla outfit to disciplined people’s army, conspiracy of regional and imperialist powers for the betterment of their own interests and in favor of state terrorism of Sri Lanka are vibrantly made known in Methagu-II without compromising the facts for any reason.