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PEARLCITY MASSACRE (முத்துநகர் படுகொலை)

Release Date: 20-May-2022

Crew & Cast: Written and directed by -M.S.Raj Produced by : Joseph Prem Anand, Ilangovan Chandran, Ramya Mervin, Naatchiyal Suganthi, Jegadish I, Michael Xavier Cameraman: Sreedhar Music : Al Rufian Editor: Deepak S Dwaraknath Associate Editor: Sudhir DI: CA Digital Studio Colorist: Raju Selvam Conformist: Chandru K, Aravindhan AD Sound effects: Narayanan Sound Mix: J. Francis Xavier CG: D.S Raghavan Publicity design : Gurubaran Mano ; D Pradeepraj PRO: KSK Selva

Genre: Documentary

Synopsis: Pearl City Massacre narrates the protests against Sterlite Copper, a subsidiary of global mining giant, Vedanta Resources, headquartered in London. The protests were by the local people to safeguard their environment from the toxic fumes and poisonous water the factory discharged. The protests turned into tragedy when mishandling by the authorities resulted in a police firing, massacring 15 innocent lives. The documentary is a poignant telling of this grave injustice - local townspeople shot dead when they stood up for their environment. We believe that the documentary will receive wide-spread attention given the visibility of the incident itself and the anticipation by the public to know the full context and the truth. IMPORTANT REQUEST: Kindly sign the below petition to support the justice campaign for the people who got affected by Sterlite industry in Tuticorin. PETITION LINK: https://pearlcitymassacre.com/petition/