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METHAGU-1 (மேதகு-1)

Release Date: 01-May-2022 (Second release)

Crew & Cast: Directed by: Kittu | Music: Praveen | Cinematographer: Riyaz | Editor: Elangovan | Lyrics: Thiru Thirukumaran | Production team: Sathish, Murugan tamilan, Thanga Prabhakaran | Production heads: Gugan Kumar, Thirukumaran, Sumesh Kumar | Story & Written by: METHAGU Thiraikkalam Produced by: METHAGU Thiraikkalam on behalf of world Tamils | Cast: Kuttimani, Lizzie Antony, Raja, Vinoth Sagar, Eswar

Genre: Biopic

Synopsis: Methagu- I is a kind of biopic that portrays the life history of Tamil national leader V. Prabaharan, from his formative years to his emergence as a revolutionary. In order to elucidate why he led the armed struggle for the emancipation of Tamils, this feature movie spanning twenty-one years of history revolves around the historically prominent events including the barbaric acts committed against the Eelam Tamils in favor of Sri Lankan state terrorism.