About us / FAQ

What is the background of TamilsOTT?

TamilsOTT is an online streaming platform that provides video content such as movies, documentary films and web series mainly from Tamil language. It is solely owned by the Tamil movies production company named ‘Methagu Thiraikkalam LLP’.

How can I access the TamilsOTT contents?

TamilsOTT contents can only be accessed through a web browser at this moment. Link to the site: www.tamilsott.com. Soon it will be available at various applications for different type of devices. TamilsOTT can also be accessed on your smart televisions if it has direct website browsing feature.

How often TamilsOTT content is updated?

We are committed to produce continuous movies and documentaries. All our internal productions will be published regularly and it will be communicated properly through our official social platforms. We also help and support to screen externally produced Tamil movies which has noble contents matches to our TamilsOTT’s requirement. We will screen the external Tamil movies once the movie acquisition process completed legally.

Do I need to subscribe TamilsOTT to watch movies?

There is no subscription requirement to watch movies in TamilsOTT platform. We have only ‘pay per view’ model for all our movies. Therefore, you can simply select the movie which you would like to watch and pay the ticket price shown for each movie through payment gateway and start watching.

How to watch ‘Pay per view’ and what is the validity of my ticket purchase?

When you select the movie, register with your functioning Email id. If you purchase first time at our TamilsOTT platform, you will be asked to enter OTP which will be sent to your registered Email id. After a successful payment, you can watch the movie as many times as you want within the 48 hours. If you wish to watch the same movie again after 48 hours, you should pay again. Most importantly you can’t share your purchase to other people elsewhere and make them watch. As this platform works based on the IP address of the user who paid the ticket fee, movie will be visible to the devices which is connected only to that particular IP address.

What are the payment options?

You can use a valid credit / debit card for the payment while buying ‘Pay per view’ ticket.

Are my credit card and bank account details safe?

Yes, undoubtfully. Payments are processed by reputed third-party financial institution.

Will I get a refund?

Unfortunately, refund is not possible. However, if you paid and found the streaming is not working, our technical support team will assist you to resolve the issues as quick as possible.

How can I seek technical support or to provide any feedback to TamilsOTT?

For technical support or to provide feedback to us, you can reach at: connect@tamilsott.com